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Starting a home jewelry business can be rewarding and profitable,
but you will need some investigating and careful
planning to ensure its success.

At Sharnam Jewellery Designs we believe in presenting you an opportunity to shine for Him. We have designed a unique compensation plan that allows you to earn the income you desire with the flexibility you need without all the stress. As an independent contractor, you decide how much income you earn. It is our hope that you will join us in our mission in the marketplace.

Discover a Home Jewelry Business Model that FITS YOU!

Get incredible results with a proven jewelry business model that fits YOU.
If you just jump right in making a bunch of jewelry and start selling it where ever you can find a place so you can make the most money the fastest way possible then chances are you will get burned out quick. So, it is important to looking into how to start a jewelry business and do your research in advance.

Those that fail to plan, plan to fail.
When starting a Sharnam jewelry business consider your personality, your location, your time constraints and your family obligations. (Maybe We should have listed family first!) Don't struggle with jewelry business methods that weigh heavy on your shoulders, which make you cringe when it comes time to do it. If you want that kind of torture go get a job. 

Your home-based jewelry business should be enjoyable as well as profitable. 
This site will uncover your options for starting a jewelry business, either a Fashion jewelry business or ready-made jewelry business. You don't have to surf all over the net to see what other people are doing with their jewelry business, or try to find how-to-start-a-jewelry-business information. It is all right here laid out for you, so you see all your options at once for a jewelry business. How to make money is no secret, but people try to keep their methods hidden from their competitors. It is uncovered here! 

From the way we see it these are your 6 major choices for your home-based jewelry business:

  1. Selling at shows and fairs
  2. Selling wholesale to retailers
  3. Selling at home parties, Kittyv parties, Clubs etc.
  4. Selling at private shows
  5. Selling online
  6. Selling on consignment 

    Which would be the least stressful and most enjoyable to you? Your jewelry business should match your personality and your business skills. You will love what you are doing.

What does it take to start a home-based jewelry business? 
Pro's and Con's  : You are the boss, do what you want. Put as much time and effort into your jewelry business as you want. Your profits are yours.
What You Will Do : It is a lot of work. :Decide what model of jewelry  business you want. Find a name. Make a business plan. Find state and local requirements. 
Personally  :  Be persistent Have good work ethics, good customers service. Be self-disciplined. Have organizational skills and good record keeping of all your stuff. Be self-confident.  Be able and willing to learn

What does it take to sell your Fashion jewelry at arts and crafts fairs?

Pro's and Con's : You can make a lot of cash from jewelry sales at one show but you will also have more expenses.
What You Will Do " Find shows to attend, and make arrangements. Create your booth. Pack and unpack all your stuff. Travel to and from the show. Spend the day at your jewelry booth talking to people and taking their money.
Personally : You have to like to travel., You have to be organized and compact (your stuff, not you), You have to like people and be a good communicator., You need thick skin, your fashion jewelry may be juried (judged) and you may hear snide comments from passer-by's. You have to multi task, talk to one person while closing a sale with another, etc.

What does it take to wholesale our Fashion jewelry?
Pro's and Con's: You will get bigger orders for our Fashion jewelry but you may have to repeat orders same designs over and over.
What You Will Do : Research and then contact suitable retailers. Make a catalog or line sheet for our  jewelry. Make lots of the same designs.Keep in touch for re-orders.
Personally : You will need to be OK with repetitious work., You will have to know how much work you can handle., You will need to be able to take rejection well., You will have to sell yourself- have self-confidence.

What does it take to do jewelry home parties?
Pro's and Con's : Jewelry home parties are fun! Some parties can be big while others can be small.
What You Will Do : Plan the type of jewelry party you want to do, direct sales, how-to-make-your-own, or make-it-now custom orders. Find and contact hostesses. Coach hostesses.Create a display that is quick to put up and take down. Set up hostess and booking incentives.
Personally : You must like people, be sociable with good communication skills. You must be organized. You must be good at planning and scheduling.

What does it take to do personal jewelry shopping service?

Pro's and Con's :  Once you know your customer you can make jewelry they like, which they can't resist.
What You Will Do : Find customers. Go to their house or a coffee shop. Show your Fashion jewelry. Make custom orders. Gift wrap and deliver.
Personally : You must be good at smoozing. (communicating)  You need a loose schedule Be good at record keeping.

What does it take to sell your jewelry on consignment?
Pro's and Con's  Once established you will have consistent outlets. The more stores you sell at the more money you can make. Shopkeepers probably won't straighten up and dust your display.
What You Will Do : Locate and contact suitable stores. Show samples of your jewelry. Create displays. Re-stock and maintain display. Keep good records. Collect payments.
Personally : Be confident. Don't take rejection personally. Be persistent.Can't feel bad about asking for your money.

What does it take to have an online jewelry business?
Pro's and Con's  : Having your jewelry business online means 24/7 sales, possibly. 
What You Will Do : Set up your web site. Always look for new ways to get visitors. Start an e-newsletter. Maintain web site, keep pictures of your jewelry current. Mail or deliver orders.
Personally : Be a quick learner. Have good writing sills. Be persistent.

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